12 settembre 2015
september 12, 2015

Rules - IV edition (2014)

The Organizing Committee
The Sellaronda Trailrunning is organized by the Sellaronda Trailrunning Committee, in cooperation with the Municipalities and the Tourist Boards of Canazei, Selva Valgardena, Corvara and Arabba.

The race
It will start in Col fosco (Corvara) on Saturday 13th September 2014 at 6 am.

Requirements to take part to the race
To enter the race it is absolutely compulsory:

  • To be at least 18 years old and in possession of a medical certificate for agonistic athletics valid by the date of the race (or to be a member of Fidal of the current year or member of any Sporting Association or federation recognized by the CONI).
  • To be fully aware of the length and difficulty of the race and to have undergone adequate training in preparation.
  • Sellaronda Trailrunning mostly takes place on high mountain trails: it is essential that you are comfortable with running on Alpine paths.

The start
The race start will take place on alternative years in Canazei (Val di Fassa) and Corvara (Val Badia). For 2014 the race will start on Saturday 13th September 2014 at 6 am in Colfosco near the church. Race cards will be punched from 5.30 am onwards.

The route
TThe race will take place around the Sella mountain range, on forest trails and paths, avoiding asphalt roads as much as possible and limiting the number of major road crossings. The course is around 56 km with around 3,700-elevation gain. It will pass through the towns of Corvara, Arabba, Canazei and Selva, through the Bec de Roces near Passo Campolongo, rising to Passo Pordoi, through Passo Sella, up to Dantercepies to the finish line in Colfosco.  The route will be marked by special flags. There will be checkpoints and help points along the route.

Maximum time and checkpoints
The estimated maximum time is 11 hours. There will be various checkpoints along the route through which you must pass within a maximum set time.
Set times:

  • 3 hours from starting in Arabba; 
  • 6 hours from starting in Canazei;
  • 8 hours and 30 mins. hours from starting in Selva;
Final maximum time: 11 hours.
Athletes who pass the checkpoints after the time allowed cannot continue with the race and their race bib will be withdrawn. If these contestants choose to continue, for whatever reason, they must do so solely under their own responsibility and will no longer have the right to refreshments along the route.  There are buses to take athletes to the finish line at the checkpoints. 

Athletes competing in the race must be self-sufficient. There are 10 refreshments points where drinks and food can be consumed on the spot. Camelbacks or water bottles can be filled with the mineral salts and natural mineral water provided by the organisers. Every athlete must take what they need with them from the start in order to be self sufficient along parts of the route that separate one refreshment point from another. Refreshments must be consumed in the area allowed. Athletes cannot take away cups or other materials that might pollute the environment.  Every refreshment point will have waste containers that athletes must use.   It is forbidden to be accompanied or aided, for the whole or part of the course, by a person who is not registered in the race. 

Obligatory material

  • A water supply of at least an half liter
  • A survival blanket
  • A whistle
  • A first-aid kit
  • Some food (energetic bars or energy gels)
  • Waterproof jacket suitable for bad weather in the mountains
  • Long running pants
  • Gloves and a hat
  • A mobile phone (it is compulsory to communicate the phone number at the registration)

Suggested material (optional)

  • Poles
  • A change of clothes
  • Solar protection cream
  • Vaseline or anti-chaffing cream
  • Front lamp (for the start)

The registration fee is € 50 (fifty euros). Register by downloading the form from www.sellarondatrailrunning.com and sending it to TDS via fax, no.: +39 041 5088345 or post to TDS, via delle Macchine no. 14, 30038 Spinea (VE). Registration fees are:

  • € 50 until 30th August 2014
  • € 70 from 1st September until race day
The fee must be paid via bank transfer to bank Cassa Rurale Val di Fassa and Agordino ag.Canazei IBAN code: IT49 Z081 4034 5200 0000 9047 402,  SWIFT CODE CCRTIT2T38A.
Medical certificates must be presented when you pick up your race bib. The Race Office will be open in Colfosco at the “Tita Alton” room (near the church) at the following time: Friday 12th Sept. 2014 from 4 pm to 7 pm  Saturday 13th Sept. 2014 from 4.30 am to 6 pm  

Race bib
The race bib will be given personally to every athlete when they show ID and a valid medical certificate.  The bib is personal and non-transferable and must be worn visibly throughout the race.   Any kind of modifications to bibs are forbidden. Together with the race bib, every athlete will be given a chip to measure times and passages.  When the race bib is collected, a deposit of € 20 will be required for the chip which must be returned at the end of the race to a race office in Colfosco (Val Badia).

Race package
The race entry includes:

  • The race gadget
  • Timing service, including intermediate times
  • Refreshments during and after the race
  • Pasta Party
  • Shuttle bus back to Corvara for the athletes withdrawn from the race
  • Showering service by the Sports Hall (no shuttle service provided)

Race Pack

Registration for the race include

  • Race gadgets – t-shirt; 
  • Timing by race staff;
  • Refreshments during and after the race;
  • A Pasta Party;
  • Transport to the finish line for those who withdraw from the race;
  • Showers at the end of the race (located at the Corvara Sports Centre, which you must reach with your own transport).

Prize categories and reimbursement for expenses

  • MEN: 1. € 500,00 + a voucher 100,00 value - 2. € 400,00 + a voucher 100,00 value - 3. € 300,00 + a voucher 100,00 value - 4. € 200,00 + a voucher 100,00 value - 5. € 100,00 + a voucher 100,00 value - 6. € 50 - 7. € 50 - 8. € 50 - 9. € 50 - 10. € 50
  • WOMEN: 1. € 500,00 + a voucher 100,00 value - 2. € 400,00 + a voucher 100,00 value - 3. € 300,00 + a voucher 100,00 value - 4. € 100,00 + a voucher 100,00 value - 5. € 80,00 + a voucher 100,00 value
In case of mixed couples (man/woman) these were ranked in the men's final classification.

The Race Officials

  • the president of the Sellaronda Trailrunning Organizing Committee
  • the race manager
  • those persons chosen by the President and by the race manager

Acceptance of the rules and race ethics
Participation in Sellaronda Trailrunning involves fully accepting the race rules and the ethics adopted by the organisers. You must follow the designated routes with no short cuts. Taking a short cut along a trail causes soil erosion and irreparable damage.  Each refreshment point will have waste containers that must be used.   Every athlete must help those in difficulty or danger and call the emergency services if necessary.  There must be 100%  respect for: oneself and others, avoiding any kind of inappropriate behaviour;   volunteers who are offering their services solely for pleasure;   the local population that hosts the race;   the organisers and their partners.

Penalties - disqualification
Race officials along the route and the “stage managers” of checkpoints and refreshment points are there to ensure that rules are followed and, if they are not, it will result in a penalty or disqualification. Decisions will be made together with race officials.

All complaints must be made in writing and presented at the race office with a deposit of 100 euro (which will not be returned if the complaint is not held to be valid), within two hours of the athlete’s arrival.

Changes in the route and the time barriers– cancellation of the race
The organisers reserve the right to modify the route or the position of first aid and refreshment points at any time, without prior warning.  In the event of bad weather, the start will be postponed or cancelled.  The organisers reserve the right to suspend the race while it is underway or to modify the checkpoints if the safety of athletes cannot be guaranteed. The registration fee will not be refunded.  All decisions will be made by race officials.